ACT#001 - Richard Attenborough

September 17, 2015

With a film career spanning over seventy years, including 78 credits as an actor, 12 credits as a director and 13 credits as a producer, Richard Attenborough is the ideal candidate to be put into the spotlight for the first of a new sequence of extras looking at some of the greatest actors that we have been lucky enough to see take to the silver screen.


Marc nominated Richard Attenborough for this first episode and handed out a film each to be viewed along individually along with one title for the whole group to view.  The films for this episode were:


Michael Eight O'Clock Walk
Marc The Man Upstairs
Robert The League of Gentlemen
Paul 10 Rillington Place
Group Brighton Rock


The next main podcast is due to be recorded next week and will feature Straight Outta Compton as the main release, the home release is Far From The Madding Crowd and the classic movie is Weird Science.  The next podcast extra due to be recorded is the second episode of the foundation film series and will be a celebration of Jaws, which is in its 40th anniversary year.




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