BTTF#013 - Steve Jobs, Inside Out, Raging Bull

November 28, 2015

Hello and welcome to the 13th edition of our main podcast.  This episode takes a look at Steve Jobs for the cinema release, Inside Out for the home release and Raging Bull for the classic.

Robert first saw Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs when he attended the London Film Festival, which caused a bit of an outburst from Paul with regard to the ethics of big business.  Now that he has seen the film, would he feel any differently?  If you would like to hear the full press conference from the BFI London film festival, please click here.

Pixar's Inside Out was a big hit during the summer but how would four 43 year-old blokes feel about it, as it probably was not aimed at their demographic.

The classic movie up for discussion this month was Raging Bull.  Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, the film celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and is very much a modern classic.  Has it stood the test of time?

The next main podcast will look, unsurprisingly, at Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  The home release is Pixels, starring Adam Sandler, and the classic film is Flash Gordon which is another film celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2015.

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Foundation Films#003 - Star Wars Original Trilogy

November 13, 2015

In the third episode of our Foundation Films series, and in advance of the long-awaited release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we take a look at the Star Wars original trilogy.  Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, these films have been a big part of our lives from the start so the time was right to celebrate them.

Paul and Robert were lucky enough to interview Keith and Alan Swaden, two of the original stormtroopers, at a comicon event last year and this interview is played in full at the end of the episode.  It was with great sadness that we have learned that Keith Swaden passed away earlier this year and this episode is dedicated to his memory.  Please note that the interview took place in the middle of the convention hall so there is a bit of background noise.

Our next main podcast will be looking at Steve Jobs, Inside Out and Raging Bull.

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