BTTF#003 - St Vincent, Guardians of the Galaxy and Scrooged

December 25, 2014

For the December episode, the Back To The Feature Podcast team decided on a change of pace with two comedies up for review.  The team also decide to start talking about movie news, including original cuts of Star Wars and what is happening over at Sony.

First review up was the new comedy starring Bill Murray,St Vincent.  It is always good to have Mr Murray back on the screen but was this going to be vintage stuff?  As usual, there was a mixed bag of views amongst the lads.

The Blu-Ray/DVD release being looked at was Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a popular choice within the team, with Robert describing it as the best Marvel release yet whereas Paul proposes that it is a sci-fi film rather than a superhero movie.

Finally, to tie-in with the cinema release (and the fact it is Christmas), the team look at the film Scrooged.  Is this a classic, or a travesty of an adaptation of what Paul described as the "greatest story ever told"!

For those waiting for the second instalment in the horror series of podcasts, which will be discussing The Poltergeist, it is hoped that this will be published by new year.

We hope you enjoy this podcast and wish all of our listeners a merry time over the holidays.  The films up for review next time are Exodus: Gods and Kings, Lucy and The Ten Commandments.


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