BTTF#002 - Interstellar, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Leon

November 29, 2014

November was an exciting month in cinema as Christopher Nolan’s long-awaited science fiction film, Interstellar, was released.  Paul, for one, had been counting down the days to this film ever since it was first announced.  Could it ever live up to the expectation?  When we couldn’t even agree on the quality of Michael Caine’s use in the film (with particular emphasis on the lack of aging), you can see it was always going to be an interesting discussion.

[Credits: Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros]

With regard to the Blu-Ray/DVD release that was chosen, it was a case of another month, another Marvel Studios release.  X-Men: Days of Future Past was another film that brought up a mixed bag of feelings.  Michael (our resident superhero expert) liked it, Robert had trouble with the timeline and Marc discloses a general lack of interest in superhero films (unfortunate considering the home release noted below as being chosen for the next podcast).  And then there was the disparity in the scoring amongst your hosts…

[Credits: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Marvel Entertainment]

The classic film of the month, Luc Besson’s Leon, created an interesting dilemma for Robert: stick with the original version that he already had on DVD or go with the newer Director’s Cut that he had seen on iTunes.  The latter was chosen but was this a good move?

[Credits: Gaumont / Les Films du Dauphin]

At the time of recording, the films to be reviewed in the next main feature podcast were yet to be decided.  After much discussion, we have decided that it is finally time for a bit of comedy, although the superheroes are in on the act too.  The cinema release is going to be Bill Murray’s new film, St Vincent, which we are looking forward to.  The Blu-Ray/DVD release will be Guardians of the Galaxy which, while another Marvel release, also contained a fair bit of humour.  Finally, for a classic movie we have gone with Scrooged, which not only links in nicely with the star of our cinema release but also to the festive period.  Please visit our ‘Upcoming Reviews’ for trailers.

And finally a quick note to publicise that the second episode in the horror movie strand of podcasts will be published soon.  In this upcoming episode, Paul and Marc revisits the 1982 supernatural thriller, The Poltergeist.

And now for the podcast…


Extra#002 - Batman Vs The Dark Knight

November 21, 2014

In the second of our regular Podcast extras, Rob and Paul don their critical capes 'n cowls and take a look at Tim Burton's Batman, in it's 25th anniversary year, and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight from 2008. On route towards deciding on overall favourites, they discuss various incarnations of the Bat and the Joker on screen, and how our very own superhero Rob isn't Prince's biggest fan...

Credits: Batman (1989) - (c) Warner Bros Inc
    The Dark Knight (2008) - (c) Warner Bros Entertainment Inc


Extra#001 - Comicon

November 15, 2014

In an extra podcast this month, Robert talks to Paul and our secret fifth member, Wendy, about their recent visit to the latest Comicon in London. 

The photos and weblinks mentioned in this podcast can be found in our new website which is well worth a visit, the address is
Please note that in the Podcast I quote a date of 26th October for Comicon, this should have been 18th October, apologies for this.

Spook#001 - The Babadook Review

November 10, 2014

Being fans of the horror genre of film, Paul and Marc are starting a new semi-regular series of podcasts looking at horror films past, present and future.  In this first episode, Paul and Marc take a look at the recent horror hit, The Babadook.